2019 Milking Devon Cattle Sale

For over 25 years we’ve raised Milking Devon cattle on our family farm in Harnett County, NC (between Raleigh and Fayetteville).  These are representatives of the breed imported to North America in 1623 when the English brought provisions to the Mayflower Colony; they were originally intended to be used primarily as oxen.


Today the breed is extinct in England and, according the Livestock Breeds Conservancy, are “highly endangered” here and across the planet.  Members of the public can see a few ancestors of these imported animals at heritage sites such as Williamsburg and Mt. Vernon.


Ours is a healthy, disease-free, long-term closed herd with a known life-long dietary history.  While purebred, only our herd sire ("Buddy") is formally registered with the American Milking Devon Association.  We now propose to reduce our 100% grass-fed herd of ten animals to 1 (our registered bull) – and then rebuild it before this year’s end with about 4 new registered females (from which we can slowly re-create a pure-bred AND all-registered herd).


The price of our individuals varies from $600 to $1,200 (a cow-heifer calf bundle).  Since another of our females is expected to deliver any day now, we expect another cow/calf combination to soon become available.


Ideally, one bulk purchaser would take them all but we more realistically expect to sell them in much smaller groupings.  We hope to place our animals either with small conservationist family farms like ours or with farm-to-table operations that (perhaps…) we could continue to supply with 100% grass-fed rare-breed stock from our unsold animals.

Animal Description & Prices

2019-12-03 Devon Sale Description and Prices
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2019-12-03 Devon Sale Description and Pr[...]
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Devon Sale Detail

SIRE:  All sale animals are offspring of purebred Milking Devon Cattle bred and raised here at Willow Pond Farmstead.  The older animals are off our old bull, Buster, and the younger ones are from "Buddy" (the registered bull pictured here).


FORAGE: The herd is 99.999% rotational (weekly) pasture and bermudagrass hay fed.  The ONLY exception is that we sometimes chum them into the corral with a scoop of the goats' sweet feed or shelled corn.  Our cattle drink only from our farm's well water provided in an all-weather fountain (there are no streams or natural sources of running water in their pasturage).  During wintertime pasturage/hay-feeding, we free-choice supplement them continuously with commercial 200# tubs of 24% protein that the wintertime herd of 18 consumed in about two weeks; the last of these blocks was set out March 27, 2019.  The rest of the year the cattle continuously receive free-choice mineralized salt blocks.


TREATMENTS:  The herd has never received hormones or growth supplements, nor has it ever been vaccinated (our NCSU professor/vet approves this because of the herd's continuous isolation).  They receive annual applications of pour-on Ivermectin (the last on June 7, 2019).  We last treated for flies on May 19, 2019 with a pyrethrin-based rub.  That's it.  No other chemicals, medications or treatments.  They are hardy!


PREGNANCY:  We do not warrant ANY of these animals to be pregnant, but all our adult cows seemed to be pregnant on New Year’s Day and since then three of the four adults have delivered their calves.  All graze together and so all our females have been continuously exposed to the bull.  There’s a lesser – but still real - probability the two yearling heifers are pregnant, too.


INSPECTIONS:  We're located 12 miles from the intersection of I-95 and I-40.  You'll find additional detail about our operation at willowpondfarmstead.com and facebook/willowpondfarmstead.  Please email at info@willowpondfarmstead.com to arrange a visit.


PRICES:  Please download and read the PDF price list for the inventory of our animals and their individual prices.


All payments in "good funds" specified and agreed to at the time of sale contract.  Please do not ask us to accept personal or business checks unless delivered well in advance with ample time to clear.


The quoted prices are firm but we will package and bulk-sale the entire sale-herd to a single buyer for $5,500.