Film Locations

Film locations like Willow Pond Farmstead make North Carolina the nation's number-three state in filmmaking.


And yes, we are an approved film site with the renowned N.C. Film Commission.


Besides our picturesque setting, our site sports a variety of photogenic buildings, architectural artifacts, and even rare-breed heritage-era livestock/poultry "extras" like no other site.


For indoor location shoots, two of our buildings offer ceilings high enough to suit your gaffer - and there's enough electric service (at least 230v/150 amp/60hz) to keep your equipment performing at rated specification. Communication with the outside world is solid -- we've got wireless IEEE 802.11n direct-connect internet access and line-of-sight proximity to two digital cell towers. And, with over 100 acres, there's never a problem placing your crew's satellite dish where it will perform its best service.


Farms are supposed to be remote. Ours just seems that way. Three interstate highways, two Federal highways and NC27 serve our area.  Raleigh-Durham (RDU) airport is a 50-minute drive to the north and Fayetteville (FAY) airport is a 50-minute drive to the south. For last-minute support services and cast arrivals, Harnett County's new 5,000' Regional Jetport is nearby. FedEx and UPS offer morning and afternoon deliveries - plus Saturday service.


Our state hosts seven studio complexes, 30 soundstages, 400 service and support companies, and a crew base of over 1,500 - and most of these are within a 90-minute drive from the farmstead. And we've got several nearby caterers to serve your hungry crew. We are easy to reach and support.


Since 1980, our state has hosted over 600 feature films, nine network television sites, and countless television commercials. Nearby locations include Hunt for Red October, Hannibal, Last of the Mohicans, Dirty Dancing, Crimes of the Heart, The Color of Love, Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, Days of Thunder, Bull Durham, Blue Velvet, The Fugitive, Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill.