"Heritage" Autos

What's a farm without an old truck, farm equipment and hayrides? Willow Pond Farmstead has them all. We often feature these in parades and hayrides.


Actually, we have TWO antique (but working) farm trucks - both are Ford Model T's.


1926 Model T Roadster

Our "Lizzie" is a 1926 Model T Ford Roadster pickup that we completely rebuilt from a rusted hulk during the Winter of 2000. Now, like most of the Farmstead's collection, she was a working part of our weddings.   Many thanks to Eddie Loyd, Master Restorer, for lending his time and talents to the project.

Our 1926 Model T Ford - On Wedding Duty

To learn more about "Lizzie's" history and restoration, please click HERE!

1926 Model T Roadster



This was our Other Model T - before her facelift and complete restoration during the Winter of 2013-2014.



And then ....




For more about her and her complete restoration, please click HERE!