Our Ford Model T's

Our farm has two vintage Model T Fords - one a carefully restored 1926 Roadster and the other a 1920 Depot Hack that has worked (and "evolved") every year of its life.

1920 Model T Depot Hack

The 1920 was first purchased by a railroad company operating in Danville, Virginia. The company removed most of its body and replaced it with a wooden one. "Hack" is an old word for "taxi" - so a "depot hack" was an early taxi cab designed to take railroad passengers to the depot or railroad company-owned hotel.


This car has changed hands only a few times in its life. Each owner adapted it to his or her own needs and replaced worn parts with whatever suitable pieces they could find. This haphazard evolution gave this vintage vehicle a certain unreproducable charm. And thanks to all this constant attention, it runs great!


When on "wedding duty" this unique auto often served as the "gift wagon" where guests placed packages for the bride and groom.  Soon, it will be completely rebuilt into a proper multi-passenger depot hack with an all-new oak body.


To see photos of it in its past glory, please click HERE!  And for the latest news and photos about its restoration progress, please click HERE!

1926 Model T Roadster

The 1926 Model T ("Lizzie") is the centerpiece for many weddings. We often use her to bring the bride to the wedding ceremony.


We completely restored Lizzie in 2000 (yes, it took all year to remove, clean, and rebuild every part!).  Since then, she's been in several parades and to one antique auto show (where she captured the Best-in-Show award).


You'll find several photos of her throughout this website - but to see the photographic history of her before-and-after restoration in 1999-2000, please click HERE!