Rick's "Folly"

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fol·ly  - /ˈfälē/ -Noun ... 2.  A costly ornamental building with no practical purpose, especially a tower or mock-Gothic ruin built in a large garden or park.  Oxford Dictionary of English

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Our western line runs nearly 2,000 feet with the meanderings of Thornton's Creek, a (very) minor tributary of the Cape Fear River.  Over the past century, this shallow brook has been impacted by farming, logging, the construction of two high tension power transmission lines, and a beaver infestation.  Today it is overgrown, inaccessible and, for most of the year, quite swampy.  In short, it's a PERFECT wildlife habitat.


For years we've wanted a way to enjoy the abundant wildlife activity this area hosts - and this year we found the means and opportunity to do it.  In mid-November when this area was driest,  Rick and Glenn Lucas began clearing a small patch of land close to Thornton's Creek.  Then they carefully carried at least two tons of buiding materials (mostly pressure-treated lumber and concrete) to the site - and started building a 160 sq. ft. observation deck suspended 14' above the normal high-water level.


Rick documented the construction progress in a photo diary which is available here.  Just click on the "Play" icon on the bottom right to start the slideshow.